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Review of April 2021

Hello Dear LazyCrew!

Another month is over and we welcomed some new members through our Free Accounts. We are glad that you are with us and improve our tool with your feedbacks and feature requests!

In the month of April we had some improvements again, mainly dealing with things that will go live in the future. But first things first, here are the things we have already implemented in April:

  • Improvement of the Trademark Algorithm (here we are not yet completely satisfied and will make further improvements in the future, but there was a small improvement in the search results in an update in mid-April).
  • Introduction of Blacklist & Whitelist to add Bad Words in the tool or hide Trademark results
  • MBA Updates: Since last April week a beta version of our edit function is online. With this you can edit existing MBA listings and activate products afterwards, which will be very helpful with the upcoming change at MBA.
  • Bug Fixes for Custom Excel Import: Some users had problems importing for the desired platforms, so that entries appeared incorrectly or not at all. This has been fixed. As already discussed on our Discord channel and in last month’s review, we will definitely rework the complete Custom Excel Import here anyway to make it even more intuitive. How the whole thing should look is already almost finalized, but the development can still take some time, because it is a very elaborate topic.
  • New helpdesk articles and videos have been continuously created to help our free account users get started with the tool.
  • Paypal has finally approved our request, so we can now allow you to pay via Paypal
  • We worked on creating new subscription packages for users. As many of you know there are just single packages (one platform) and full packages (all platforms) for now. The offering of free accounts showed us that many users love to use more than one platform but can’t or don’t want to initially subscribe to full packages. That’s why there will be cheaper subscription packages for all platforms which are limited in uploads. It took a lot of changes but is currently in our testing period.

As always, we can’t give exact release dates for further program improvements, as we obviously have to be flexible with the dozens of POD platforms, their ongoing changes and possible bugs. We ask for your understanding. Nevertheless, you can expect the following in the coming weeks:

  • Enter DeepL API Keys: At DeepL there are now free accounts that give you 500,000 characters per month for free. We are already in the process of implementing it in LazyMerch so that you can enter this key and thus translate with your own characters.
  • UI improvements: LazyMerch is already pretty sexy in our opinion, but it’s never enough. We want to make it even clearer and easier to use. These changes are mainly related to the rework of the Custom Excel import.
  • New subscription packages: There will be new subscription packages which are limited in the amount of monthly uploads. Full packages will remain the same and give users the most advantages as well as unlimited uploads from our side. We just want to give users the possibility to buy packages that fit their needs.

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