?????? You can find our Black Week Deal here ??????
Black Friday Deal 2023

Black Friday Deal 2023

EDIT: The offer is now online. Click here.

From when?

From 24.11.2023 0:01 (CET) until 01.12.2022 you can take advantage of the deal. The following discounts are available:
Unlimited Package Annualy (unlimited upload to all platforms) – 399€ 499€.
Limited Package 200 Annualy (200 uploads per month to all platforms) – 199€ 249€.4

Why it's worth subscribing to LazyMerch right now:

We are still the most powerful uplaod tool with outstanding support. After a long time we are now ready to invite you to our cloud. This is a design management tool that allows you to work perfectly with your team. The beta phase will be free and we would be happy if you support us with your feedback.

We will send out the links to register for the cloud at the end of next week. If you have not received an invitation, please send us an email.

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