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New Content Policies

MBA announced their new Content Policies to protect their Customers. For sure MBA wants to avoid any problems with some niche Groups and doesn’t accept Content that promotes illegal activity. Merch By Amazon also wrote it’s forbitten to upload content which is sexually obscene content. Many Print on Demand participants wonder what MBA means with “Inflammatory content” or what exactly is meant with sexually obscene content. Do they count dirty jokes as such?

Their message was:

It is likely that the changes regarding “promote illegal activity” will narrow the cannabis and drug niche, as cannabis designs are likely to be viewed as such in European marketplaces.

For a detailed list of the changes you can read this article from Talk on Demand which does a good job of covering the topic.

It remains to be seen how restrictive these announcements will actually be and whether dirty jokes will be considered as obscene content or not.

Merch By Amazon could have been a bit clearer with their amendments but what precautions you take to their announcements is, as always, up to you anyway.

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