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[tek_iconbox tt_search_icon=”he” icons=”nc-icon-outline-heart” title=”Boost performance” text_box=”LazyMerch is very fast and uploads everything automatically. Start LazyMerch, sit back and use the time for something more meaningful, such as research.” icon_position=”center” background=””]

[tek_iconbox icons=”nc-icon-outline-keyboard” title=”Highly customizable” text_box=”Do you want to make individual settings? Don’t worry, LazyMerch offers a variety of settings for every platform.” icon_position=”center” background=””]

[tek_iconbox icons=”nc-icon-outline-sign” title=”Simplified workflow” text_box=”The only effort is to create a table containing the characteristics of your designs. It can be taken over by LazyMerch and uploaded automatically. Small effort, much time saving!” icon_position=”center” background=””]

[tek_iconbox icons=”nc-icon-outline-pc” title=” Cross-platform” text_box=”Currently LazyMerch only supports Windows. We are working on making it available on MacOS as well. Until then you can use LazyMerch in a virtual machine or a Windows DualBoot system.” icon_position=”center” background=””]