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An Upload Automation Tool for the Print On Demand Business

What we do

LazyMerch is an upload automation tool for the print on demand business where you can upload designs to the marketplaces of POD providers.

We help you to be efficient

Uploading designs is a very monotonous and repetitive task. You could use this time much better to grow your business. LazyMerch takes the uploading task off your hands and gives you time for more important things.

Top platforms we support

these are the platforms you can currently upload to with LazyMerch. The tool allows you an easy start on platforms where you have not uploaded anything yet.

We have got tons of features you
will love !

these are some of the features when it comes to what our tool can do to help you

Editable within the tool

After importing or adding the design data, the listings can be edited within the tool

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Adding Designs & Listings without Excel

The user is able to add designs and descriptive content without any excel importing.

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Trademark Checker

Users can check any words and phrases they want and filter for the print on demand relevant categories

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Custom Excel Import

Users don't need our Excel Templates anymore. They can use their customized sheets to import the data we need to upload their designs.

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Stay up-to-date with our tool and news about the print on demand business. See interesting statistics about your user behavior and track your past uploads on the History Page.

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Tooltips & Validation

Our user interface is designed to be user-friendly and helps you to enter your listings and upload your designs. Our extensive validation and tooltips will help you quickly see if any further action is needed to successfully upload a design.

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Automatic Design Converter

Converts your image to the right and needed format. Therefore you can use your usual designs for any occasion.

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Automatic Translations

Translates the design listings into other languages. This can be done in the tool to check the translated listings before the upload or you can let the tool translate automatically during the upload.

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Why we're in the lead

we provide smart and innovative solutions to reduce workload and simplify processes

Your time saving is our goal

  • We offer fast customer service and do everything possible to support you with your requests.
  • We offer the automatic adaptation of your designs for all respective providers… We can also turn your PNG design into a book cover on request!
  • We convert feedback quickly and implement meaningful suggestions for features. As a user you are always involved in designing our tool and what it should be able to do!

Our Pricing

Our offer includes packages for all needs. We are also happy to process individual inquiries and offer quantity discounts.



16.99 / mo

  • A Platform Of Your Choice
  • Fully automatic trademark checks
  • Translations (25 000 Chars/Month)
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Custom Support (English / German)
  • Updates Included
  • All functions for the selected Platform


49.99 / mo

  • All Plattforms
  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • Kindle Direct Publishing included
  • Fully automatic trademark checks
  • Translations (200 000 Chars/Month)
  • Updates Included
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Custom Support (English/German)

Free Trial

16.99 / mo

  • All KDP LazyMerch features
  • + PNG -> PDF Autoconverter
  • Fully automatic trademark checks
  • Translations (25 000 Chars/Month)
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Custom Support (English/German)
  • Updates Included

User friendly design for multiple
operating systems

Unified and easy-to-use tool for use on multiple devices

We support windows and mac

When using LazyMerch one is hardly restricted. The upload automation tool works on Windows and MacOS devices with almost any resolution.

Trustpilot Reviews

Read what other users love about our tool. Everyone knows that the faces are not the real ones but the review texts are! We are also happy to receive your feedback.



“The tool makes the upload process much easier. I am very satisfied with the tool and can recommend it to everyone. The support is also very good.”


Sarah S.

“For the price, there is nothing better available. It saves a lot of time and the Support is great! No matter if for Print on Demand (T-Shirts) or Notebooks, I have only heard positive about it so far. “


Dima K.

“Simply a must or every Shirt seller! For a small price you receive an extremely time saving tool and the costs are made up for super quickly! I can only reccommend LazyMerch! The Support is also as fast as lightning and very helpful.”


Dominik P.

LazyMerch makes it easy for me to upload to any Print on Demand site. It's just a wonderful tool that's always up to date with incredibly good and fast support. For the current price, according to my opinion, the best tool currently available on the market. I can only recommend it to anyone.