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Soon we will release our LazyCloud. This is much more than just a design management system. You can learn more about it here:

LazyCloud is coming soon…

Upcoming Automation Tool Updates

will be released during the week after Black Friday
Changes at the User Interface

Our user interface is still the same in most corners. However, we have implemented many simplifications in the tool that make the workspace look even cleaner. Furthermore, shortcuts have been added to make the workflow easier for those who prefer to work with the keyboard rather than the mouse.

Probably the biggest change to the user interface is the collapsable and expandable platform bar. When collapsed, it not only looks cleaner, but also gives many users who are on smaller screens a better overview.


The import has been made even more intuitive and flexible. Some power users sometimes want to insert several tables one after the other, whereby the challenge is that some data is located on the umpteenth sheet of an Excel file. Well, with this update for the import we provide you with full flexibility regarding the handling of your tables. To make it easier to decide which tables you want to share for import, you can now select the desired directories and deliver them directly to LazyMerch via drag & drop. Furthermore, you can now create custom templates in the Custom Excel Import Settings, so you don’t have to change everything as soon as you fetch data from another table. Speaking of flexibility, as soon as our LazyCloud goes online, you can click the cloud sync button to bring your images and listings directly from the design management system into the tool.

To recap:

  • Import as many tables as you want and choose the sheet on which the data is located
  • Drag and drop all the tables you have already prepared as a busy listing writer
  • create your own templates for your custom tables in the Custom Excel Settings area because not all of your custom tables will match your settings
  • pull your images and listings into the tool through the LazyCloud sync button in the future
  • be even more lazy with more flexibility when importing your data

LazyTemplates can now be created for MBA, Teepublic and the Custom Excel Import. LazyTemplates are internal templates where you can define settings. These settings can be assigned to your designs. Background of this change is mainly the flexibility in terms of colors, marketplaces and product selection.
Not every design should be converted to a Popsocket design with the same color. Not every design should get the same price for a standard shirt.
So: go wild, create templates and assign them to your designs via Excel spreadsheet or in the Workspace.

Product Settings Window

With the new product table window, you can still make quick adjustments to a design in the workspace. For example, you want to activate the sweatshirt in a design that was not yet activated in the LazyTemplate? Just click the shirt icon and make adjustments.

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