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7 Smart Merchandise Tips to Increase Your Sales

7 Smart Merchandise Tips to Increase Your Sales

Increasing your sales in a merchandising business is a challenge. It is never an easy task when it comes to sales increase. Many marketers struggle in keeping up, especially when they are not prioritizing with the latest sales demand in the market. You have to make constant steps by knowing the basic strategies in growing your sales. 

Here are some simple tips that might help you!

1. Choosing the right product for your business

Make sure that your products are right for the market trend. When your products are not left out from what is in and useful, the chances of your products selling increases.  You can make sure that your selling relevant merchandise by researching, so you need to know the perks of merchandising. Check out the latest news, scroll through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. You are bound to get ideas for products that people actually want to buy.

Collage of a woman holding a coffee mug, white t-shirt, and black tote bag.

2. Creating authentic  designs for your target customers

Consider the designs you have to make in order to catch the attention of your prospects. Are you aiming for teens or young adults perhaps? If you are going to sell to teenagers, make designs such as statement shirts, and even print arts. If you are trying to sell to young adults, you have to make minimal graphic designs. 

Get a concept that will attract the attention of people you want to sell to. When you do this, the more clients will purchase your products. Create designs that will stand out among others so that customers can easily remember your business brand.  Most POD (print on demand) pros use helpful software to support and lessen their work load. Specifically, an automation software that enables users to upload their designs in bulk to multiple platforms at once.

a Twenty Euro bill design polo shirt with pebbles as background.

3. Monitoring high search results

You have to get high search results every time. Being on top of search results, there is a high possibility that your prospects will purchase your product. You need to optimize your site every now and then by updating content and using keywords that rank.  Your marketing skills can be tested at this rate.

In the SEO aspect, it is also important to alt text images to increase the probability of your site and business to find easily.

a silver laptop with google chrome  on the screen.

4. Promoting Discounts and Sales

If you want to catch more customers to avail of your products, you must offer the idea of giving freebies and discounts. You can give a 10% to 50% discount on special months and holidays, or offer freebies if they buy 5 pieces of T-shirts. You can also create promos or vouchers for them and offer cash on delivery. Think of unique ways you have to do in giving your customers privilege.

Apparel in hangers with "sale 50% off" placard.

5. Having reliant customer Service

If you’re in managing a business, things can be a little out of hand. Customer service is a critical business aspect and should not take it  for granted at anytime. It only takes a second for a customer to say no, and it’s the marketer’s loss if that happens. 

In online business, it is important to remember and follow the rules. The following are useful tips on becoming a reliable customer service provider. 

  • Commit to quality service. Your business and your service should coincide. Your quality products also need excellent customer support. 
  • Treat customers with courtesy and respect. This tip is also applicable for online transactions. Being courteous online means that you are polite and responsive to calls or chats. 
  • Be willing to accept and deal with complaints. A happy customer will share their happiness with their friends and families, this increases the possibility of your business to advertise for free!
  • Don’t leave customers hanging- this is the golden rule. Make them feel important by providing what they need. Assure them that their money and time are not at stake and will never go to waste. 
a woman facing her laptop with a wireless headset on her right ear.

6. Budgeting for less cost and more revenue

Bring justice to your products by making sure that you are making a profit out of them. The problem for merchandising beginners is that, they often spend more on producing without carefully budgeting it first. There’s nothing wrong with getting all-out on your products, it’s just that it is also important to consider the cost of advertising within your means.

Calculator with written papers and ballpen.

7. Keeping Tabs for Sales Reports for further analysis

This last tip is very important. Organize your sales, make a spreadsheet to timeline your business progress. Keep tabs and notes of your profit and spending. In this way, it will be easier to organize a systematic cash auditing. By doing this you make sure you actually get return in your investment This auditing can be done weekly or monthly. 
Do not rely on fast calculations and hunches, make sure that it there is a significant increase in your revenue.

a person analyzing graphs while scrolling a laptop and writing on notebook.


You have to know the things on how to increase your sales. Consider the following tips discussed above such as choosing the right product or creating your authentic designs for your business. Now that you have ideas on merchandising to increase sales, the only thing you need to do next is to – take action!

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