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Increasing Your Design’s Visibility With Spreadshirt’s Tag Generator

Increasing Your Design’s Visibility With Spreadshirt’s Tag Generator

Assuming that you already know how to automate your Spreadshirt design upload and now you’re wondering how you can make your designs visible in Spreadshirt. You’re in the right place. It doesn’t involve a week-long art workshop. Just search for the right tags for your design and the Marketplace will automatically tell people exactly what they can find in your shop. Meta tags are the word, and we’ll let you know how to deal with them to help boost your visitor numbers with Tag Generator.

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What are Meta Tags?

Words or short phrases that show what the page is all about are meta tags. It doesn’t show on the page because it’s only embedded in the page’s code. There are free keyword tools that you can use to determine your meta tags and assign them to your designs and products in Spreadshirt’s User Area.

Different Tags for Shop Marketing

Getting to know different meta tags and how to use it will give you high chances to increase your traffic. It lets Google know who you are and what you offer, and this is presented to customers looking to buy stuff like yours. Here are the most important types of meta tags relevant to your Shop marketing:

  • Title Tag: The text you assign to the URL of a page (at the very top of your browser). Search engines regard the information you state here as the title of your page.
  • Meta Description Attribute: A summary describing what your page is about.
  • Meta Robots Attribute: Search engine crawlers (so-called ‘bots’) need to know what to do with your page.
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4 Tweaks to Help You Get Found

Title Tag

Title tags are important meta tags because they have a direct impact on search rankings. Also, they are the only visible ones as they occur in the URL that displays at the top of your browser. Using meaningful titles that describe the page’s content helps your design to get found easily by page visitors.

Meta Description Attribute

These tags are very useful, as they explain to search engines and customers alike what your page has to offer. It’s the text customers see in the results list of a search engine query, so be sure your text hits home.

Google sometimes chooses a text selection from a page itself. It helps customers filter their search results, particularly when the description shows the keywords they used in their search.

Meta Robots Attribute

It’s also super useful to tell search engines how to classify your pages:

  • Index your pages. Tell search engines to show your page in search results. With Google, you can do it here.
  • Follow or not follow. Tell the engines whether they can trust and “follow” the links on your page or not. This will impact your site’s ranking. You should take the time and read into it when you find the time.

Adding Tags and Keywords in Spreadshirt’s User Area

  • The design names should be about 30 characters (+/-5). Try to include a super-descriptive adjective in the name and use the same name for all products created with the design.
  • Do not include the actual product type (e.g. T-shirt), words like “custom, create, make your own” or special characters in your design name. These additions won’t help.

Find about 6 design tags to improve a design’s visibility. Use a mix of both specific and broader keywords for the best results.

  • Write design descriptions to fit the design and tags, ideally containing 250 characters (+/-50). You can repeat the main keywords/tags several times.
  • Try to provide a detailed and motivational description. As with the design name, use the same description of products featuring the same design.

Here’s an example of a nicely meta-tagged product:

Design name: Unstoppable T-Rex

Design Description: Tyrannosaurus was a bipedal carnivore with a massive skull balanced by a long, heavy tail. Relative to its large are powerful hind limbs, T-Rex’s forelimbs were small.

Tags: Dinosaur, Trex, Toy, Tyrannosaurus, Jurassic Park, Monster, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Carnivore, Grabber

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Ways on Tagging Your Designs Properly

When you hear of the word “fox”, what words do you spontaneously associate with? 

Hunting, sly, foxy lady or even a hipster pet? 

Tagging is very similar to word association like the example above. You want to make it easy for your customers to find your designs when they’re personalizing products or when looking for products in the Marketplace. By adding the right tags, you can help them find your designs when they enter a search term.

Be sure to find a suitable design name.

The design names should give a brief description of the design. It’s better to have a short and concise name for a design, but remember that it will be on the customer’s invoice so it’d be nice to convey a reputable impression.

Looking back to the example, let’s say that you’re looking for a phone case with a fox on it. You enter the “fox hipster t-shirt” in the Marketplace search. Then you chose a design with the tag “fox hipster”, a name that fits the design you’re looking for.

Add relevant keywords for your design.

You can choose tags or keywords that best describe your design. It can be synonymous, fitting association, or analogical words. Tags that you choose are not too general, so try narrowing down your choice to help customers find what they are looking for.

Avoid too many words on tags

A tag should comprise only one word, if possible. You should avoid groups of words or a whole sentence on your tags. However, you may divert this rule sometimes, like having a design depicting a well-known saying or proverb. You just need to consider whether the tag that you choose is necessary and relevant to the design.

Final Thoughts

Meta tags are important in determining your website’s ranking in search results. Following these tips and tricks about meta tags will help you build a wider path to your merch business. With Spreadshirt’s Tag Generator, taking the time to adjust your metadata, tags and design names will help your designs to stand out to the competition.

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